Product Description:

  • AUPO BF series product is non-resettable pellet type thermal fuse which prevents electrical appliances from overheating. It has a metal case with pellet material inside and could be used in high current circuits.
  • 1. Unique pellet formula technology to ensure stable operation and high precision.
  • 2. Complete product quality management system to ensure high consistency and reliability of products.
  • 3. Metal casing design, high sensitivity to temperature rise.
  • 4. Applicable to overheating protection under 10A-16A circuit.
Working Principle:
  • When ambient temperature rises to its operating temperature, the pellet will melt, and the spring a can be released to push the star contact that there is no contact with the pin, thus cutting off the circuit permanently.   
Application Field:
  • BF series products are widely used for overheating protection of household appliances, such as small household appliances, refrigerator, washers, kitchen and bathroom appliances; automotive appliances and office equipment,etc.

Product Certification:

  • BF series products meet the safety test requirements of IEC 60691 Ed 4.0 and GB/T 9816.2013, and many models are certified with UL, VDE, CCC, PSE, KC and other safety approvals.