Product Description:
  • AUPO 17AM series thermostat is temperature and current sensitive ,resettable thermosta device.  It used for overheating protection of household appliances and industrial equipment. When ambient temperature rises to its functioning temperature, the thermostat will sense the external temperature state and cut off the circuit.
  • 1. Selection of American EMS bimetallic sheet, stable performance and high reliability.
  • 2. The service life is over 10000 times.
  • 3. Passed safety test and certification of temperature limiter and motor thermostat.
Working Principle:
  • When ambient temperature reaches its functioning temperature, the bimetallic sheet will work and the movable contact disconnect with static contact, thus cutting off the circuit for overheating protection. 
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Application Field:
  • It is applied various Universal Motor, Transformers, Electric Tools,Electro-thermal appliances etc.
Product Certification :
  • 17AM series thermostat has passed safety tests of EN 60730-2-2、EN 60730-2-9、GB/T 14536.3和GB/T 14536.10, and are certified with TUV、CQC and other safety approvals.