• 2020

    Changed to "Zhangzhou AUPO Electronics Co.,Ltd."

    17AM completed design to mass production, high voltage PPTC completed design to mass production

  • 2019

    Revising GB/T14536.1-2019*. Gaining recognition as“ Outstanding contribution unit of the 2nd standardization of small fuse sub Technical committee
    Successful development of surge protection product

  • 2018

    IATF16949 certified

    Member of group standard for pellet type thermal cutoffs technical requirement

    Member of workgroup for standard drafting of JB/T 11627 resettable miniature thermal cutoffs

  • 2016

    Joined in study and discussion of IEC 60691 Ed.4 standard (in Germany)

    PPTC got certified by UL / TUV

  • 2013

    Joined in the revision of GB 9816.1-2013 "thermal fuse,Part 1: Requirement and application guidelines"

    ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 certified

  • 2005

    Zhangzhou AUPO Electronics Co.,Ltd. founded