Product Description:

  • AUPO PPTC product is a polymer thermistor made of polymer material filled with carbon black particles.
  • 1. Selection of carbon black raw materials imported from Japan, stable and reliable product performance.
  • 2. Special twin-screw refining technology, production formula using loss of weight operation, and the actual accuracy can be controlled within 5 ‰.
Working Principle:
  • When the current passing through the thermistor is too high, its heating power is greater than the heat dissipation power, and the temperature of the thermistor will start to rise. At the same time, the polymer matrix in the thermistor begins to expand, which will separate the carbon black particles and cause the rise of resistance, thus effectively reducing the current in the circuit, at which time the thermistor remains in a high resistance state. When the fault is corrected, the PPTC thermistor quickly cools and returns to its original low resistance state.


Application Field:

  • PPTC products can be used in PCB control boards, security equipment, transformers, as recoverable current protection products.

Product Certification:

  • RF series polymer thermistor has passed UL 62319-1, UL 62319-1-1, EN 62319-1, EN 62319-1-1 and other safety tests, and has obtained UL, TUV and other safety certificates.